Hell’s Angel

The Spring Summer 2013 Collection from Jena.Theo debuts tomorrow as part of London Fashion Week. I worked with them on embroidery detailing, screen-printing leathers and silks and the design of their digital print collection. 

Taking influence from tattoo aesthetics, anatomical drawing and scientific diagrams I worked up a series of hand-drawn treatments, which were then combined with imagery taken from my abstract paintings to produce nine different digital prints. 

It’s been a deeply involved process, Jena.Theo put progress and experimentation at the forefront of their design ethos, working with them so closely has yielded some really compelling results. 

I also painted four installation pieces to act as backdrops for the salon show, you can see them showing at London Fashion Week tomorrow, Tuesday 18th of September.

15.30pm and 16.30pm 

The Portico Rooms
Somerset House

Ticket requests: jenatheo@goodleypr.co.uk

The collection will also be exhibited during Paris Fashion Week at ZipZone.

ZipZone Paris
28th September - 1st October
Musee des Art Decoratifs
Louvre Palace
103 & 111 Rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris

Appointment requests: sales@jenatheo.com 


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